Monkigras 2018

It’s been a couple of days since the end of Monkigras*, this year’s theme was “Sustaining Craft”
As usual the Monk crew did a STUNNING job, this conference is probably one of my favourite and if I could I would buy a ticket for Monkigras 2019 RIGHT NOW. (James you should consider selling early early birds tickets).
Speakers and topic discuss were simply mind blowing and the relaxed atmosphere among the attendees is exactly what I look for in these kind of events. No need to say all of this is framed by good food and beer.

Anyhow this year the spectrum of speakers has been incredibly wide, we had the chance to listen to people working for 100% tech companies and people working in the fashion industry, going trough a politics activist. Very diverse voices which somehow managed to highlight how important it is to be sustainable in anything we do/hack/work on.

There are several summaries of the conference out there, one I’d like to point to is this one.
To be honest I haven’t taken any notes as I was completely fascinated by the speakers and didn’t want to lose a single word.

Also, Monkigras is one of the few conference (I know of) which truly focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Please consider attending and speaking next year.

And congrats once more to the organizers.


* Monkigras is an AMAZING conference held annually in London where interesting and unique topics are discussed a by a very diverse set of international speakers.

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